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Creating Your Perfect Buddha Garden Statues

Monday, May 30th, 2011

When deciding what to place in your garden there are many things to consider as you will want it to be a peaceful and relaxing placing to go? Gardens are an ideal place to sit at the end of the day and rewind from all of your stresses and worries. Doing this in the right surroundings can make all of the difference to how you feel. Buddha garden statues are a great garden ornament to have as they look amazing and help you to create your perfect place.

Buddha means enlightened one and although many people have now earned this title as there is a huge following for the Buddhist faith. You do need to follow the faith to have Buddha garden statues and many people have them throughout their gardens. They are often bought simply because they are calming to sit and look at. You can choose to make a statement with your Buddha statues as they can be very large, these will look very impressive in your garden.

Buddha statues can represent many different things and you will need to know what each of them mean before purchasing them. There are many different sizes, styles and even colors of Buddha garden statues to choose from. The most common pose for your Buddha is the sitting position with its legs crossed, left hand in the lap and right hand on the right knee. The fingers are often pointing towards the earth on the Buddha statues. This is to represent the Buddha’s enlightenment and shows the Buddha touching the earth.

How you choose to design your garden is entirely your choice and you may choose to have different areas. Having your garden zoned is ideal if you have a family and then you can have an area for the children to play and a more relaxing are for the adults. Buddha garden statues look great in these areas as they can help you to get the relaxed feel you want. They are ideal with water features and fountains as these are also very relaxing. The whole are can be transformed into your tranquil area to retreat to at the end of the day.

If you want a genuine Buddha statue then you may need to go to a reputable dealer although often you can find very nice Buddha statues at your local garden centre. Many people purchase them because of the way they look and not for the meaning behind them. You will need to think about the material that your Buddha garden statues are made from as they will be outside in all weathers. Stone, copper or bronze ones are ideal as they will remain in good conditions even in the bad weather. Wooden Buddha statues are more designed for indoor use as they will rot if left outside.