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Wat Indravihan – Temple Of Buddha Image

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

There are many temples on the Buddhism country but you will only find the amazing Buddha Image at Wat Indravihan. Wat Indravihan is located in the Nakhon district of Bangkok and is visited by local and foreign as well as other devotees that come to obtain blessings. It was previously called as Wat Rai Phrik, however during the period of king Rama VI the name was changed to Wat Intharam which was later known as Wat Indravihan.

The temple is famous for the large standing Buddha image that is known as the Thai image of Buddhasiariyametriya which is 32 metres tall. The topknot of the Buddha image includes a sacred relic of Buddha that was gifted from Sri Lanka. This was built during the period of king Rama IV. The image is facing the east and it is covered in 24K gold mosaics that were brought from Italy. This image very well depicts the modern architectural designs.

Near the feet of this large image small Buddha statues are also placed allowing the visitors to mark their devotion. Even to have a look at this image is a wonderful experience which is why it is recorded as one of the highly populated temples in Thailand. If a visitor while standing on the base of the Buddha statue releases a caged bird kept for sale in the entrance, that is expected bring him prosperity and good luck. In addition with the miraculous power that this place has if someone offers a head of a mackerel fish, a boiled egg and lei of flowers after a vow it is regarded as bringing good luck.